I am working on the second installment of a 5-book chapter book series, “Amazing Adventures with DoBot the Robot”.  The working titles for Books 1 and 2 are “T Rex Trouble” and “Equation Explorers”. These books feature three loving (and sometimes bickering) brothers on adventures that include fantasy, science, and puzzles! In addition to my family & my puppy Rocket, these books are the current loves of my life. I had the honor of reading parts of Book 1 to a second grade class and am delighted to report that they loved it!

My short stories have been published in Bright Flash Literary Review, Ranfurly Review and elsewhere. In 2008, one of my stories was a finalist for Glimmertrain’s Short Story Award and in 2017,  I was the proud recipient of a Writing the Other Sentient Squid Scholarship. I published a middle-grade sci-fi novella, The Pied Piper of St. May,  and a picture book, Paloodle Doodle. Paloodle Doodle is a silly book based on a story one of my sons’ told me when he was only four years old. It has goofy pictures, dinosaurs, cookies and a few cool dinosaurs facts at the back as a bonus. You are welcome to follow my author page on Amazon, though I am not very good at updating it. 

My nonfiction includes several bylined articles for the sustainability science company Oak Services, LLC, countless uncredited plans and manuals for environmental remediation projects, and some anonymous web articles (shhhh).

I live in Colorado with a puppy, some critters, a spouse & three sons (who just might be my inspiration for the DoBot books). I’d be delighted to have you join me for random thoughts & conversations on Twitter. If you’re more interested in my art, you can join me on Instagram, where I occasionally post my art, or check out my Red Bubble store.