Special Day – A Christmas Horror Story

Some time ago, Ko-fi changed to be a bit more like Patreon – with an option to support artists & writers through subscriptions to content, rather than just via donations. Last month, I took a look at this option and decided I was in. I already had a Ko-fi page, and had already tried Patreon and found it overwhelming, so going with Ko-fi just made sense.

I decided to set up my page so people could subscribe for $1/month. There are no other levels. Most of us have more than that in our change jars (or wherever we drop our change). In case $12/year, $1 at a time, just seems to be too much, I also set up an option for a one-time $1 amount. I am not sure yet how content works for a one-time supporter. I don’t know if you get access to that month’s content, a backlog, or what – but when I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

Last month, I posted my first story for my supporters, “A Special Day”. It is a short horror story set in an apocalyptic near-future. It’s an uneasy read but not especially gory, and a good question to ask about this story is – who is the real monster?

I am now working on this month’s story for my Ko-fi supporters, “The Coffeeshop at the End of Everything”. In this story, two friends meet up in the afterlife. It was inspired by my imaginary conversations with a friend who has been gone far, far too long.

You can’t read either of these stories anywhere else, and I plan to keep a lot of my Ko-fi content exclusive to supporters. Some work may appear elsewhere in the far, far distant future, where you can meet it again like an old friend.

If you like my work & want to help me make more of it, this is where you do it: https://ko-fi.com/dbmcneill.

If you want to skip the stories and support my art, I have a RedBubble shop, though my inability to do two things at once means it will be a while before there’s new stuff popping up there. Lots of cool older work though and a lot of other amazing artists to check out too.

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